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Explore your future in a bold world of technology – all in your free time !

Join Tech Roulette , where you can explore different fields of technology like hardware engineering , game design , or artificial intelligence   through building a randomly   selected project every week for 8 weeks. With 500 students  learning and earning rewards   along with you, you'll discover a whole new world of opportunities .

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Choose From 3 Random Projects Every Week .

We know it's hard to find out what you are actually interested in through learning engineering at school. The fields that you have access to is limited, the content is almost designed to be boring, and you rarely get a chance to apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems.

No more! At Tech Roulette, you'll have access to 80+ modules spanning across a huge variety of fields, and you will be supported throughout the game by mentors, other students, and writers of these modules. And it gets better: the modules that you get to choose from every week is personalized for you, meaning that it's extremely unlikely for you to complete the same track of projects as another player.

Simon Says


New Tab

Web Design


Artificial Intelligence

Justice Matrix

Algorithm Ethics

Love Triangle


... and more!

Flexible Weekly Schedule§: Learn at Your Own Pace.

Saturday: Project Signups

You'll receive an email that your portal is ready, and 3 random projects gets picked out of our project pool just for you, ranging from hardware projects to ethical technology questions. Pick your favorite — and don't be afraid to try new things! Oh, and if you find a hardware project, we will literally mail a complimentary hardware kit to you!

Throughout the Week: Mentored Time

Once you picked your project of the week, you can get started! Projects are composed of modules, which are one-hour tasks that help you break down the much bigger task. Complete each module your way to receive rewards that you can use to redeem prizes! Mentors will be available throughout the week to answer any technical questions that you may have.

Saturday: Finalize & Submit Project

Your project of the week will be due Saturday evening at 8pm Eastern Time. Submit your project by then to receive rewards for the week! You can submit your project in the form of a video explainer, source code repository, or a write up of your progress. You don't have to finish every module — we'll reward you for what you have!

Friday Evening: Community Night

We'll be hosting a weekly "community night" to get you to know more players of Tech Roulette! These community nights may be presented in the form of a game night, movie livestream, or a guest-hosted fireside chat. Join these events to meet people from all around the world, enter raffles, and win additional rewards!

†: Resctrictions apply for non-US players.